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A quick tale 154


It all started when Prakash Rao was at the doctor's clinic. He was standing with his back to the wall and a young nurse, perched on a chair next to him was marking his height on the wall. Prakash was there to get a doctor's certificate, necessary for a life insurance policy. His blood pressure was a normal 120 over 80, his weight a satisfactory 63 kilos and barring a mild case of halitosis, Prakash was his very good health for his 34 years of age. He was pleasantly distracted by the nurse's bosoms which were brushing against his face when he heard her call out, "five feet eight inches."

That can't be right. "Five feet eight inches", repeated the doctor as he wrote it down on his letter pad. Prakash stepped back to look at the faint marking on the wall and the nurse was right. It was a whisper short of five feet eight inch mark on the height chart stuck to the wall. Surely something must be wrong with the chart, he thought. With all these imperi…

A quick tale 153


Did you or did not drop it?, demanded her father dangling an iron box by its wire as if it was a dead rat. The 11-year old looked at him for a couple of seconds trying to make up her mind.
Yes, she admitted, it fell down and broke as I tried to iron my skirt this morning.
Having heard the answer he was looking for, her father did not know what to do next.

Need Help!


I need help with some recording. I'm not terribly aware of the technology involved. All I know is that it has to be an mp3 file.

The person whose voice needs to be recorded lives in Delhi. So if you know someone in Delhi who has the equipment needed to record an mp3 file, could you please pass on their contacts to me at ?

Much appreciate your help.


My Dear...

Have you ever wished you could tell your boss what an idiot she is for putting you down at the meeting the other day? Or your ex-boyfriend what you really think of his birthday gift? Or that stupid woman behind the counter for turning down your visa application? Or your school PT teacher for making you practise your drill in the baking sun while she sat in the shade sipping soft drink?

Here's your chance. Write a letter to someone telling them what you've always wanted to. It could be addressed to anyone - living, dead, fictitious. Make it short, say within 300 words. And send them to Please mark 'My dear' in the subject line. If you wish to remain anonymous, that's fine too.

To read all the letters received so far, please go here