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Saturday, November 27, 2004

The day I fell out of love with Madras*

25th November

I used to be a hardcore Chennaiite. How else could I be? After all, I’d spent the first quarter century of my life in the city. When the winds of fate intervened, I was swept away to a different part of the country. But that’s another story altogether. Anyway, wherever I went I would defend Chennai against slander and ridicule and would fight to save her name from being muddied by vicious rumours (really, I was once asked if we had cable TV in Madras! Duh!!).
Once when someone commented how dull Chennai was, I was livid with rage. I told them that for someone who spent half his life being chutney-fied in the sardine cans of local trains, Chennai’s relative calm would seem dull. I would act like I was the ambassador for Madras! That’s how passionate I was until things went belly up.

* Madras and Chennai have been used interchangeably

(To be continued)


The Practical Idealist said...

Well? When are you going to continue the "fell out of love" thingy?

Anonymous said...

Ok. I was 'introduced' to your blog thru a friend of mine...and guess what
I spent the whole (working) day reading your blog... (I am slow reader)

I am almost done with the entire blog...but as the previous commenter 9?) had posted can you please post why you felt out of love with amchi Chenai thingy? the suspense is killing me.
Why? Why? Why? you fell out of love with Singara Chennai.