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Tuesday, December 07, 2004


6th December

Is there anything more pointless than ironing? Have just been doing three hoursw of it and despairing at the depths my life has sunk to :D...oh well, it's a dirty job and someone's got to do it


The Practical Idealist said...

What do you mean pointless? It's such a "pointful" exercise because:

a. It is a way to kill time
b. You save the money you'd otherwise have spent at the local dry-cleaner
c. You have the satisfaction of being self-reliant
d. You build your forearms

Well, okay, I was bluffing about that last bit! But don't you think the first three reasons prove enough?

(Mis)Chief Editor said...

I fully agree with you ammani! (how to pronounce?!)

Having spent almost 35+ with the 'pressing' outsourced, I find it difficult to do myself in North America!!

I found a way now! Two sets for a week of 5 days! (only 20 minutes, you see!!)

Also, one could not forget our convenice(and providing job opportunities as well) back in India.