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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Don't call me THAT!

There's a new show on Channel 4 called 'Desperate Housewives'. It's an American show (what else could it be?) about saucy, glamourous housewives with a sex-life that would be the envy of a rockstar.

Now, as anyone who has ever been a housewife (btw, whatever happened to stay-at-home mother and all that politically correct jazz?), there's barely enough time in the day to cook, clean, wash, iron, feed, mop, vaccuum, dust and dry. Let alone, have steamy sex with plumbers! The women on the show are pure American fantasy. They all have fantastic figures, gorgeous wardrobes, fabulous husbands who pay for their indulgences and children who conveneiently disappear when their moms want to have a fling with the postman.

You know how I feel about being called a housewife. So I wince each time I watch a promo for this show with its ghastly title which sounds like the subject of something I'd get in my junkmail. Still, I'm going to try again to sit through a whole show to see what the hype is all about. Watch this space for reactions.

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