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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

A treat

It was my birthday yesterday. Some people would have baked a cake. I made thayir vadai. Guardians of Indian Culture would no doubt approve.


Harish said...

Belated b'day wishes, Ammani!

So where's my treat? :)

ansh said...

Ammani, belated b'day wishes...thayir vadai on b'day...brings back nostalgic memories!

AF said...

Belated B'day Wishes!


boredwife said...

Hi Jikku,
Belated b'day wishes!! Thayir vadai is an awesome idea! Great blog here. There is one thing I have in common with you - Sambar, am obsessed with sambar too!!! I remember me and my dad fighting over those small onions :D :D. Loved your tale about monthlies and sperm count!!!!

thangachee said...

hi ammani

so , whats cooking for your tamizh bday on 9th? Black forest cake, english tea, muffins ah?

Uma said...

Happy Birthday Ammani.

I think talking about food should be banned on the blogs :(

Morpheus said...

Belated Bday wishes !
PS:Came thru Ansh's blog !

Suguna Purushothaman said...

your blog is very nice
blog rolled you to mine
happy bday
to u

mischief editor said...

pulicha 'curd vadai' to you....


belated b'day wishes...unga baashayil:-)

Anonymous said...

yes, this is what people do when
they get older ;-)
you know who!

PVS said...

Hi Ammani,

Belated birthday wishes.

Have been a regular reader of your blogs. You do have a way of writing stories...your son would surely be getting a good dose of bedtime stories :)

Amrita said...

A very belated happy birthday! its good to stick to culture at times, feels more at home. Hope you had a wonderful day.

ammani said...

Hey Harish, Ansh, AF, Boredwife, Thangachee, Uma, Morpheus, Suguna, Mischief, Anonymous (I know), PVS and Amrita,
Thanks for your greetings. Watch out for thayir vadai recipe. Had a cracking good day on Monday.

None said...

happy b'lated birthday!
sorry i missed it! :)