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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Facts of my Chennai life

Water scarcity in summer
Flooding during monsoon
Being molested in public places, all year round

A follow up to this

Please also visit Blank Noise Project. This one's for you, Tilo


tilotamma said...

Thanks ammani. Forget the water, that is a natural disaster (In reality we get the next lowest annual rainfall after Rajasthan). and that can be solved with science.

The third reason and the one everyone shies away from is man-made
No one wants to talk about it but I want it to be in the open.

So thanks for hightlighting it - I know you have **many , many **readers.

Maybe together we can all change things.

Balakumar said...

I think this really is a "Facts of life" post because I have heard similar issues from folks in other places as well. It appears to be an universal problem! :(

Time for a change indeed!

Anonymous said...

One Night Stand is a great idea - I wish every city and town would take it up. Molestation isnt indigenous to Chennai alone... unfortunately.

Balakumar said...

But it being an universal problem should not stop us from making the changes first at home.

I am sorry women get treated so poorly even in these days! :(

tilotamma said...

what made you change your last post.
was I able to get through to you in some telepathic fashion?

Anjali said...

water ,mosquitoes I agree.Third one is that so rampant there.?

Surinder said...

water and flood i can understand .. but i have a friend who just went there ... and she says it is a much better city !! ..

tilotamma said...

Better than what? what are you comparing it to?

Maitri said...

This happens in New Orleans as well. As I am standing at the bus stop or walking down the street, guys in all quality and model of car will fall in line with you and tell you how cute you look, ask why you're there and offer to give you a ride. The best advice came from my fiance: Pull out your cellphone, walk close to the front of the vehicle, make like you are noting the license plate number and then pretend to dial 911. 9 times out of 10, this will drive off the spineless and dickless wonders.

monu said...

but still those who
have nowhere else to go
find a way to move around
find a way to continue to live
and a way to like the place....


thennavan said...

Ammani, I am shocked "molested in public places" (but I thought that was Delhi and the others, Chennai?)

Thangachee said...

... and the ever-sulking aam-junta from the iron-man to the rickshaw guy... thats chennai for you

Hawkeye said...

ah! unfortunately this is true. the third reason.. i mean.

one thing i hate is " everybody else does it". i feel like slapping anyone who says that. somebody else doin it does not give chennai'tes the right to do it too.

i am hard core madras lover. but i think molesting in public places is something thats unacceptable.

i can't imagine how i wud feel if the city I love and defend so much let me down in some way.