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A quick tale 30

Nice but...

He admired their confidence, freedom, their lack of inhibition and self-consciousness. But wouldn’t want one of them for a wife.


monu said…
really good one....
i guess it a question of chauvinism!!!
Amrita said…
i guess that kind of hyprcricy exists in lots of people in our society.
iyer education said…
how very true...

lotsa men out there who can identify themselves with this (MCP)

btw i luved the hubby and pwd thing

keep up the great job :)
Awesome! One of ur best so far!
Thirukkural rangeku irukku, with jus 2 lines! Way to go ammani:)
hari said…
Hi Ammani,

Commenting here for the first time, though visited a few times earlier. You have a fantastic blog.

And you are a real artist in short stories with definite meaning. You are so immaculate at it. Truly interesting.
Eroteme said…
Nice one.
Not sure why do people call it chauvinism/MCP/hypocrisy? There is a huge difference between being impressed with some kinds of people and wanting to have them with you for life. I might find the docile, sweet homely girl really nice on screen in a movie like Roja, but find it impossible to live with a person to whom I have to explain everything. My friend's wife is a darling, but I would never think of her as candidate wife for the simple reason that she enjoyes nothing more than going to office and coming back home to cook food for the family... :-) So be it with the gutsy, beer guzzling, sailor-tongued women...
srini said…
sorry, friends. i think this can be interpreted otherwise too. here we have a guy who wants to have a nice and happy married life. and knows that he would face issues with a wife who is very ambitious etc.

so i would see this story as a tale of consciousness (of self limitations) and freedom to choose!!

now you can tear me apart :)
IBH said…
wonderful indeed...double standards of a man!
hypocrisy defined well in just two lines!
balaji said…
Nice one...Ammani.

Agree with erotreme
Anjali said…
double punch Qt.Wonderful as always ammani
Shyam said…
Bullseye, as always!
Arch Storm said…
this is wonderful stuff!!
AF said…
Good One!
Anonymous said…
Nothing amiss. In my perspective, mere admiration doesn't have to put oneself in love.
Balaji said…
didn't 'get' the last couple of quick tales. but this one was goooood! welcome back :)
Somu said…
If I were to comment the Ammani way,

I have lots to say about your quick tales, yet am speechless.

The last one was simply wonderful.
capriciously_me said…

long-time visitor...first-time commenting - superb blog
Arch Storm said…
i thought abt this again..
there surely mus hav been some woman in every mans life who he wud enjoy goin to dinner with, but wouldnt dare introduce her to his mom!
ramesh said…
Balakumar said…
As always, beautiful Ammani!

Also a good one for male-bashing comments. Agreed, some of us deserve it at times, but the comments on this one sounded a little hypocritical.

As an anonymous visitor here rightly said - admiration does not imply being in love.

The tale carries the same weight when you shift the gender "She admired their muscles, their care-free attitude, roughness, and toughness. But wouldn't want one of them for a husband."

Does that make the women hypocritical. Absolutely no! They admire the ruggedness in the guy, but when it comes to choosing their spouse they'd rather have a caring, soft, emotional and sensitive person. Some food for thought! :D
dinesh said…
Well expressed ! Here's subha's write up along the same lines.

Self conscious ? I am not sure how that fits here ?

And, to some smaller degree, the fairer sex is guilty of hypocrisy of the same kind.

"Melliya aanmaganai pennukku pidikkaadhu. Muradaa, unai rasippaal"

Rasipeenga..enga kalyaanam panikkunga paaklaam :)
Manu said…
lol. Not sure if I'd call it chauvinism.
One can appreciate a lot of things.. a lot of traits in a lot of people. But I'm not sure if it means that thats what is best for that person.. does it?
A man could appreciate some girl putting up with a drunkard dad, etc. etc. Does it mean that he should marry her? He should probably do what works best for him.
Same goes for the fairer sex too. She can be a fan of some guy on a job which takes him to exotic locations. Doesn't mean she'll marry him? 'cause finally she has to deal with the fact that he is not going to be home majority of the time.
thennavan said…
Avan avargalin nadai, udai, baavanaiyaal thalai thirumbinaan

Aanaal avargalaippol allaadhavalai thaan manaiviyaakka virumbinaan

(may sound weak :-))
Ansh said…
good one...
how true...can relate!
ioiio said…
Times are changing! with it the Notions too.. Expectations get redefined..sorry to c so many ppl accepting that bluntly..

True to a greater extent.. but its decreasing at a faster rate than ever before..

One more thing may be u shud think abt is that,

"The guy with the upper hand always tries to play fair"

Exceptions are there everywhere thou..
PVS said…
A nice one Ammani. It is true in most of the things we do. We admire many things, but what we choose for ourselves is what we feel is suitable for us and what we can cope with :)
Mythili said…
hi ammani!
this QT is too good with a real punch!very much true indeed!
highlights the sad plight of many talented women.
Mukesh said…
no i don't hink so. his choice doesn't matter in his wife's affair. otherwise it would be an imposition, u may call it a good one(imposition).
Smyta said…
Brilliant:) and inspiring :)
F e r r a r i said…

As always a good one. But why is it that, only one side of the coin is seen.

For example consider following cases

1.Most of the guys are worried and afraid, if such a girl will suit his home. To be precise, whether his mom and this girl will get along? What if ego clash arises between these two? And the girl wants him and her to leave the parents and live separately?

2.Think of a guy. He is very studious, works in a top company. Does sandhyavandhanam morning and evening. Goes to temples on every saturday.
Spends weekend @ connemara or some library.

Will anyone girl marry him? They will respond 'Ayyo Seriyana pazha case'.

3.How many arranged marriages happen with the wishes of guy and girl? Isnt it the mother of the guy who first shortlists the girl, before the guy sees?

If this is considered as chauvinism, we men can just laugh at it. True, some men are like this. Sad fact. But isnt it the mother of such guys who cultivate this habit right from childhood?

It is so easy to jump and point fingers at men for every problem thats happening in relationships. It is not right to generalise.
Balakumar said…
To Ammani's credit I must say she is conveying a thought, a concept, an emotion. It is the reader's interpretation that is sometimes one-sided. Its all about perspectives.
Rabin said…
Add me to this long list of fans :)

Loved this lil tale!
Chakra Sampath said…
isn't that called "oorukku ubadesam"... very well done, as usual!
vJ said…
All men are not MCPs.
But MCPs are all men.:-(

Great story. But there are WCPs also swimming in the atmosphere of Earth. ;-p
viju said…
tooo very true...
and u have an amazing blog here..
Anonymous said…
He was admiring other men perhaps :)

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