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A quick tale 56

Weight-loss program

48, 47, 46...She struggled to shed the last one kilo. Starvation, colonic irrigation, laxatives, smoking, vomiting. Nothing worked. She stood solid at 46 kilos. So tantalisingly close to her target and yet, so bloody hard. Her bulk just refused to come off any further. That's when she came up with the idea. A kitchen knife in hand, she stood on the scales. Drip, drip, drip...and the weight started sliding. 50 gms, 200 gms, half-a-kilo and finally! There! The needle settled on the magic number - 45. Plop! Her fingers fell to the floor and she swooned.


Anonymous said…
"He saw her. She looked away. He saw her again. She looked away again. And there went another precious day."

for those wondering, its my take at a quick tale and for those wondering, it has no deeper meaning, it just pretends to be deep, when it's as shallow as you see it.

This quick tale thing has become something like the story of the emperor's new clothes ...nobody sees the point of it , but since everybody else goes "Brilliant", "Awesome", "Lovely", the rest that don't want to look like fools follow suit in the parade ...
Anonymous said…
the first anonymous commenter should probably respect the intelligence of the other commenters. But it would have been a better fit with the theme for the previous post "quick tale 55"!

Anyway, this story reminded me of another about the hairdresser of the king getting 6 and a half pots of gold and in his futile attempt to make it 7 full pots he becomes a stingy, poor man.

Don't let any half baked celebs read this... otherwise we'll have Lindsay Lohan walking around with an arm missing!

And to anon 1 "Huh?"
Thanks for the tip off! Will def try and make it to some of the screenings
~phobiac~ said…
hey....Ammani...some people get obsessed with things so trivial ! true ......

@Anonymous :

didnt use Brilliant", "Awesome", "Lovely", ...happy ??
Anonymous said…
sorry - don't get the point -does a finger weigh a kilo?
OCD exemplified beautifully. A slight hint of suicidal tendency tho. I'm starting to get worried
Sneha Acharya said…
ooops ... thts too much of desparation .. ouch
Anonymous said…
Hey, anon-1, your not seeing meaning in these stories does not imply that no meaning exists.

The depth in these stories, in my opinion, is that the interpretation is left to the reader. Like a poem. Or an uncaptioned photograph.

Also, your short story is pretty dumb.
well said anon 2!

and anon 1 if you don't get it don't read it!
Jasmine said…
Pretty gruesome.

(There, anon1, happy?)
Lavanya said…
Hopefully, she stopped at 45 :)
shyam said…
ooh, gruesome. Who was that king who carved off a pound of flesh to pay off someone or other? Cant remember his name.
shyam said…
Hey Anon, let the world know you have an opinion but do it openly. Dont hide behind anonymity.
WA said…
Gruesome is the only word I can think of and I know I am repeating here! But it just is gruesome and ghastly
Anonymous said…

I think the king you are talking about is Sibi Rana
Anonymous said…
i second Wicked Angel's comments..
Surinder said…
ooo .. that was a grusome twist !

are we allowed to put logic to these short stories :-)
Anonymous said…
"A Tiny Little Firefly and the Big Bad Fire Engine Named Camphor"

It shone. He tried to cover it. It shone bright. He desperately tried to cover it. Yet it kept on shining dazzlingly bright.

So, finally, he tried to strangle it with his strong kosher hands ... only to see his fingers catch fire ... and vanish into nothingness.

[A tribute(!) to Anon 1]
Niren said…
Then a few minutes later a hawker passed by. He was selling helium balloons. He had been delayed a few minutes because he had to buy pastries for his daughter's birthday.
PVS said…
I was reminded about this post when I read your quick tale.
Anonymous said…
I guess the one who commented at 8:56 PM tried to liken anonym 1 to camphor and Ammani to the fire that anonym 1 mistook as a firefly.

Niren's comments seem to be more of a tangent to that one, and hence diluting, or am I missing something here???

And BTW, anonym 1, the depth of interpretation is directly proportional to the richness of reader's past experiences, openness to others' views/ideas (I acknowledge your view, but respectfully oppose it), and of course, level of intellectual/emotional maturity.

There was only one Newton who dared intepret the falling of apple in a richer/different way than all the anonyms had been doing for ages!

- Anonym 101
i wonder if anyone ever gets that desperate ONLY to lose weight..there has to be more behind this desperation than just that.

an aside:shyam that was in 'the merchant of venice', where shylock demands a pound of flesh from antonio.
Vinesh said…
Oh no! HORROR story!!

But I like the way you think :-)
Good post!
Niren said…
Anonym 101 - If she had waited for a few minutes, she would have found a less painful solution to her percieved problem. Or she could have waited until the next day when the mailman would have delivered her a coupon for a 50% discount at the local liposuction clinic.
perspective said…
Aah! that's really negative!
But you surely make me imagine... what you want me to :)
Anonymous said…

Now get your point.

Anonym 101
Anonymous said…
Brilliant! Awesome!
Raga said…
This is sick!!! How can anybody cut ones fingers off to reduce weight. I have never heard of any 'freak' doing this. Only psychos do such things and I dont think psychos care about their weight! I have begun to wonder why Ammani getting 'darker' by day?

Raga said…
This is sick!!! How can anybody cut ones fingers off to reduce weight. I have never heard of any 'freak' doing this. Only psychos do such things and I dont think psychos care about their weight! I have begun to wonder why Ammani getting 'darker' by day?

Raga said…
This is sick!!! How can anybody cut ones fingers off to reduce weight. I have never heard of any 'freak' doing this. Only psychos do such things and I dont think psychos care about their weight! I have begun to wonder why Ammani getting 'darker' by day?


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