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Life On An Eversilver Plate

Monday, September 26, 2005

A quick tale 79

A certain woman makes up her mind

She is sitting at her table, this middle-aged woman who has decided to set right her life on a Thursday evening. She is making a list of people she has had to please in the past year. 293 people on the list. Including the man from that call centre who called so many times that she simply had to buy broadband connection from him. And that disabled man who sat at the entrance to the supermarket with sad eyes and a collection box. And her colleague who had offered carrot cake last week. One which she said she loved although she finds the idea of carrot in a cake revolting. And that librarian who recommended a truly awful book to read on her holiday.

Starting this very minute, she resolves, she would no longer do anything to please anyone. No matter what they thought of her. No more Thai food for friends’ sake. Or staying back late to help colleagues with their projects. And no way could she be persuaded to renew her gym membership again. This is a new me, she thinks. The phone rings. It’s her landlady calling to say that she is forced to raise the rent because she’s strapped for cash. She finds herself agreeing and understanding and saying an awful lot of ‘ofcourses’.

But from tomorrow...


thennavan said...

Ammani, enna full flow-la irukkeenga pola irukku. Keep 'em coming :-)

saranyan said...

ammani, super. in a few lines u've just summed up all our lives. but if you see, without adjusting for others we wouldn't have a life at all. what say you?

Shyam said...

augh, been there done that, still doing it :( Tomorrow never comes, to paraphrase Sinatra.