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Monday, October 10, 2005

Must read

It is not often that I come across writing that is this powerful. This simple. And this moving. Ramya Nageswaran writes about her grandmother in 'Paatikku oru anjali' (tamizh).


VK said...

tear rolled down my cheeks as I finised the last line describing the Rs100. felt a lump in ny throat

Ramya Nageswaran said...

Dear Ammani,

Thank you so much for your words of condolence and for uploading the link in your site...still wondering how to enter her room when I go to Chennai for holiday this December.

Pattis are special.
Is that your son in your profile pic? He IS gorgeous :-)

Anshu was in the UK for about one week recently. If I had gotten in touch with you earlier, I would have asked him to meet up with you.. anyway, may be next time.

Perhaps you can drop me a mail at ramyanags@gmail.com so that I don't write long stories here :-)

Anonymous said...

pls....how do i read tamizh blogs ?

Anonymous said...

Ammani ,

I am not able to view the page in tamizh . Please tell ushow we must access the link .

Anonymous said...

Great blog!

You can visit mine, a new one at


ammani said...


I'm sorry I have no idea which font to download to read Tamil blogs. I just seem to be able to do it. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable and less ignorant than me could help here?


icarus prakash said...

pls download and install this font.

after installing, change encoding by selecting [view ->Encoding ->Unicode(UTF-8) and now u can read tamil pages

Jair Santos said...


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