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Saturday, October 29, 2005

A quick tale 91

A man and what he thought of women

A man who was feted as the most creative person in the world was attending a conference. Like many people who work in advertising, Mr. French (for that was his name, not his nationality) believed his words made the world go around, stopped global warming and helped Middle East peace process. When in fact, it did little more than help sell cigarettes and vodka. Anyway, this man had had a particularly large bit of steak for lunch and was feeling rather sluggish. So to amuse himself, he mumbled something aloud about women being crap at their jobs. Immediately, there was a collective gasp in the room. And everyone pretended to be shocked at his opinion. But of course, they always knew what he thought of women.

Soon his quote was all over the media. And suddenly Mr. French became the most-hated man in the world. Second only to George Bush. For a middle-aged man like Mr. French this was as good as it could get. And he just loved the attention. He had to resign afterwards but, so what? At least he didn't have to sit through another boring session on 'Creativity in the Global market'.

Now, Mr. French felt more powerful than ever. If he could decide that women were crap, he could make dogs romantic and chairs athletic. He felt like God. He is currently working on more important pronouncements. These will change the course of humanity, he is sure. And after that, it will be Mars. Unlimited powers to him.


Anonymous said...

This sounds vaguely familiar. Is it based on a real person? Or is it just deja vu?

Padmasani said...

An excellent narration skill. Your writing skill captured my attention than the contents. Good going. Keep it up.

icarus prakash said...

'thavaLai than vAyAl kedum :-)' . chances for Mr Neil to know this 'pazhamozhi'is less, i assume :-)

prakash said...

Harvard President?

Deepa said...

I thought of Larry Summers too after reading this...just like prakash.

tangent said...


French was the biggest creative-shot at Ogilvy.
And yeah..was a bit of an eccentric psycho. Guess that's the font of creativity...or is it the other way around?

Archana said...

I first read about the remarks on the BBC web-site. I was seething with anger and was about to type out a nasty reader's response. Then I realized what Mr. French actually is: a pathetic old man trying to desperately get attention in any way he can. And I decided not to honor him with any more undeserving attention than he has already got.