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Monday, October 31, 2005

A quick tale 93

Rough draft of a quick story

She decided to write another story. Her 93rd. This one would be a short one. Just like the rest.

It'd be about a woman. A middle-aged woman. No, it would be about a man. She wouldn't give him a name. She was rubbish at names.

It'd be about a man who would be thinking about red hair. How it wasn't red at all. More like orange. Pale orange. Because red was a Sunday, granny's loose skin on the back of her palm, last day of summer holidays, 17th birthday, first bicycle, Sweta, Deepavali of 1983 kind of a colour. And not a hair sort of a colour. Just like how he was not brown. More like dark pale cream. Brown was a Wednesday, dull ache, afternoon 3 pm, weather report, heavy metal kind of a colour. Not a colour you'd associate with people.

That, would be her story. And the anonymous commenter would say how much he liked her earlier stories.


Anonymous said...

i liked your earlier stories

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hurtling through through the california space
gentle dunes of undulating schemes
For which the creator found such express need
melted rock to craft these heedless dreams
Now suited in summers browns
dotted with buttons of green crowns

So inviting these rolling schemes
compelling me to set my feet
As I walk this much fondled land Come upon breaks in the smooth brown wrap
The painful songs of the melted rock
that froze in poses of the uncreated

Me stand like a mossy rock
beyond all, like the eternal stock
I could /be a balm to every heart
or a psalm that you sang and forgot.

Forest Flower issue:10 August, 2002.

anand said...

can a life never be simple or is simplicity against civilization

Archana Bahuguna said...

Seems like you conspired with "anonymous" :-) ....got directed to your blog through "recommendations" of blog readers :-) .. I read your blogs like early morning newspaper ...

Shyam said...

gawd, she sounds like me when I think about writing something... and end up not having settled on one single coherent thought to put down! :) You, Ammani, on the other hand, make a story out of incoherence. Hats off! :)

Lost in trance... said...

yeah. r u rushing to reach 100?

Sookraj said...

Naming characters is the toughest. Is it an appropriate name? Do you know somebody who has that name, what will they think of the story, will they think their namesake character is actually you're opinion of them, will they hate you, love you, think you're a liar?

Tangent said...

I think people are missing the point on this one.

Me thinks, the author is playing a number on the readers.

Ravages said...

not so much anonymous as much as obsessive compulsive commenter

And yes, this pseudonymous commenter liked all your old stories

Jagadish said...


first time on ur site... your stories are funny :D...hehehe... funny the way u made a story out of this post...