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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A quick tale 106


She sits slumped in front of her telly, this woman whose name I forget, wondering why she has never won a prize. She casts her mind back to all the lottery and raffle tickets she has ever bought, all the coupons ever filled out and all the scratch cards ever scraped. And yet, she thinks to herself, the results have always been the same. Nothing. Better luck next time. Sorry. She sighs audibly, picks up the remote control and flips channels. Perhaps, it has something to do with my zodiac. May be it’s the star I was born under. Does one have to have a lucky mole or something? she wonders. Even Tracy next door told me that she won a fridge in a lucky draw. How come my name never gets drawn? she asks herself.

She changes channel once again. And lands on a show that is giving away a brand new car as a prize. To win, viewers need to call and answer a very simple question. She picks up the phone, dials the number and answers ‘America’ into the recording machine. She leaves her details and hangs up. She knows it’s the wrong answer. But what difference would it make?

Some days later, she sees Tracy driving a new car. She doesn’t want to know how she got it.


Pip Squeak said...

Does this commetn somehow stem from not wining the IndiBlogs award??

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

I know how she feels. Grrr

?! said...

Is it me or they did not see it? I found this DARK.

Good writing, but sigghhhhh.

Anonymous said...

As she is standing on the pavement,still pondering about Tracy's new car,she just witnesses one of the most gruesome tragedies unfold before her eyes.
Tracy,who had never driven even a two-wheeler in her life,tried her hand at driving her lucky new car and there she she lay as a vegetable ,peacefully on the road beneath the truck that she had drove straight into.

It didn't take much time for her to realise that it was the same entity called luck playing a different role this time!

She thanks her Gods silently for being unlucky!

Aparna Menon said...
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Aparna Menon said...

OH God...Dear anonymous...that is too much of moral science for a quick tale

I would definitely prefer that mysterious and eerie ending than "So what did you learn today" ending


Mad Mad said...

& Continuing anonymous...

She thanks her Gods silently for being unlucky.
She crossed the road, the gruesome sight playing again and again before her eyes. She did not see the big red truck swerving, and did not see it coming straight towards her. She was too occupied thinking about Tracy and the car.

She did not feel the impact of the red metal hitting her. All she felt was a hot fire spreading through her, and then she felt bliss.

She thought, finally, I have won something!! My way to heaven.

Ganesh said...

Ammani good to see your blog active again. but again I am visiting this site after a long time :)

B o o said...

Only 65? Dhrohis!!! Anyway, thanks for thanking and in the banner too! I take it as a personal note. First time Im commenting here but at least I voted for you! :)

Cute Indian Girl said...

nqkjpieHi! Enjoyed Reading your Blogs. Nice site. Keep it up. Just adding to my bookmark and will be checking this site very often.

Indian Girl

Anonymous said...

oh dear,

sorry to say this...ur story was overshadowed by the comments of anonymous and mad mad.. hilarious