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Saturday, April 08, 2006

A quick tale 122


This time it was somewhere where she couldn't hide it. Just below the right eye, her cheek had swollen into a ripe blue ball. She was aware of the stares and nudges as she walked into the store. She kept her gaze down and went straight to the counter and asked for a painkiller. I fell down the stairs this morning, she explained a little too loudly, It was so dark, I couldn't see very well and I missed the last few steps. The shop assistant nodded with no interest. As she was leaving, she thought she heard a snigger. It was the old neighbour. She wanted to run up to her and tell her, It's not what you think. I really did take a tumble today. Yes, he has a temper. And loses his cool once in a while. That's because his job is so stressful. But this, she wanted to say pointing to the bruise, This is from the fall.
Instead, she looked up and smiled at the neighbour. In defiance. In a show of normality. And walked out with quick steps.


Chenthil said...

good one.

WA said...

Happens all the time, everywhere. Unfortunately

Amrita said...

that was really a powerful one, there are many women who suffer from domestic violence all the time, and there are people like us who shut their eyes to them or snigger behind their back, or simply shrug off saying "Happens all the time, everywhere"

ashok said...

tis good that u bring such issues subtly yet powerfully in ur tales..

I said...

I am guessing her hubby is in hospital, or at least has a bigger bruise?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I remember walking into the office with a black eye. I held my head down and walked to the desk, hoping not to meet anyone the whole day.
I did not.
For a few days.

The eye is now back to normal.

And he is not in my house anymore.

Mahadevan said...

Domestic violence is one of the cruelities women suffer from and Ammani's artistic talent is clearly visible in its subtle portrayal.

LAK said...

It made me shudder. I can't imagine how people would snigger at such a sight. Shame.