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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Double take on a quick tale - 1

Apu's take on A Quick Tale 15


He seemed a pleasant enough chap. No hair sticking out of his ears or warts on nose. He had clipped his nails short and seemed to be interested in what she was saying. They spoke for some half-an-hour. Mostly about their lives, careers and hobbies. Then they agreed to get married.Later, his father called up and said in a soft voice that her father would bear the wedding costs. And furnish the house the newly-weds were going to be living in. Her family agreed it was a fair demand. After all, she was 27, a mere graduate and wore glasses.

Her sister was 22, an engineer from IIT with an unbelievable barbie-doll figure. Once they finished with this wedding, they could get on to the next all-expenses paid one. “Five years should be enough to save up”, their father mumbled to himself, as he wrote out the advance cheque for the caterers.

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