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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Double take on a quick tale - 3

Prakash Chudalayandi's take on A Quick Tale 121


Waiting for the dentist is already a nerve wracking experience. Add to that it was HER sitting almost next to me! It feels like it was yesterday... but it was may be 20 years now? She hasn't changed much, same confident look about herself.The confidence about her that provoked me then to initiate a mean conversation. So insensitive of me. No wonder she never wanted to see me again. I have changed, not a mean bone in me anymore.

I should probably start a conversation, I should begin with a SORRY- may be. But what if she still hasn't forgiven me, or even worse, what if she has forgotten me totally? Hmmmm, if she doesn't rememberme then I would be making a fool of myself initiating a conversation. She coughs now, wish I could use this chance to look at her, but I peer into the words in the magazine with unseeing eyes. Well, she could initiate the talk as well, right? The girl I knew then would have already started talking. I am pretty sure she doesn't want to have anything to do with me. Well, that feels better.

Presently, I hear my name called out. This wait wasn't all that bad, thanks to her! I will definitely talk to her after my appointemnt with the dentist. Until then let me pretend not to notice.


Anonymous said...

hmmm.. I bet no man thinks like that! I am sure what he thot would be "Hmm... this airconditioner looks cool"

Anonymous said...

hey I have this man in flesh and bone about 10 feet from me on the phone right now. yes, I wasnt the lucky girl who got to be the "confident" one! Anyways one cant wish for everything!!! :) But I got to see a man like that for real, for quite a long time. I think I am going to be safe as long as pretty girls with good blogs dont think he is for real! :) ... By the way lg looks like you make excellant unniyappams and that is the only reason I am being nice to you! (I can let you have this man for 2 hours of conversation, if you give me 2 of your unniyappams!)

Anonymous said...

No mean conversations can take away some beautiful memories. Thanks Praks.