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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ready, Steady, Charity - 13

Apu's words - Graffiti, blimp, seersucker

Annon's take

Kalyanasundaram sastrigal set off on his moped, wearing his seersucker angavastram. Business was not good. There were a few families that still liked him, but they were calling only for dharbai, amavasai, replacement poonals. He was lucky to get 3-4 divasams a month.

Yaga Narasimha Sastrigal and his disciples had taken over the market. He was scornful when YN Sastrigal´s ads appeared in block multi-colored Graffiti. He said this was no better than seeing prostitutes phone numbers in telephone booths. Then the advertisements happened on large balloons. Old ladies in Triplicane squinted up at the sky and began calling the number on the balloon. Now, YN had taken to going around Madras in a blimp, administering quick divasams. He was even conducting mass yagnopaveethams from the blimp as it circulated around Marina beach.

Ammani cried today morning when she went to pick up fresh koththamalli. YN Sastrigal had dropped his ads from his blimp right on Kalyanasundaram sastrigal´s garden.

What can Kalyanasundaram sastrigal do? I leave this as an exercise to the diligent reader.


Selva said...

Interesting case study - could be given to IIM students.

The case highlights the importance of changing requirements of society based on changing value systems and lifestyles. A strategy always works only under specified conditions, when conditions change the strategy goes for a toss.

You are a marketing person who feels on KS's behalf - evolve a strategy for KS, keeping in mind the constraints imposed by the client (KS) - no gross advertisements.

An analysis of KS shows the following:
KS's strengths - performance of rites in the proper format in other words - quality of product
Weakness - poor visibility, shunning advertisement

In the absence of advertisements, better visibility has to be achieved; as far as product quality is concerned there is no better product.

The web/blog is a new medium. Devise a strategy using the new medium.
Create a user group for KS's clients. These user groups should have their own personal blogs where they share their experiences with KS.

Create a blog for KS - encourage him to share his experiences of his life, significance of the rituals etc. He could also host a discussion forum and a FAQ.

This is just a base idea. I hope KS does well.

Deepa said...

Selva, what?!?!?

selva said...


Deepa said...

lol...thats funny. No, I meant "excuse me, what have you typed?";-)

Selva said...

Just some comment :) I've posted some comments on your blog too. Pl see the flame warrior link