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Talk Talk 4


A less than enthusiastic response. TCC's dialogue, however, was hilarious. So, here's a photo that he may be familiar with. Two adults and a kid are standing under this bus shelter. The woman has a plastic bag in her hand which she seems to be pointing to while talking to the man. What are they discussing?


Krishna said…
Woman: Ungappa saindram walking poittu vanthu sooda bajji pottu koduntu sonnapave nenachen, Beechla yarachum perusa usuppi vitrupangalontu. Ippathane theriyuthu bajji asai engenthu vanthuchuntu.
Man: Viden, ennaiko oru vatti asa pattu kekraru. Vaya moodittu sentju pottathaan enna?
Woman: Amaa, ippadi thaan masa kadaisila athu venum ithu venumtu... (on and on)
Boy (manasukkul): Appa enthan ippadi irukaro. Avare nera ammata ketrukalamla, bajji venumtu... veena ethukku thathava ulla izhuthukittu, cha...
The Kid said…
The two adults are a couple, and kid their son...

Son misses his granpa (who lives in a different city) a lot, and as soon as he looks at the hoarding asks mom...

Son: Amma, amma, pOna vaaram thaathaa veetukku vandhare', ippo enga ma?

Amma: iruda, paiyla irukaarannu parthu solren.
A4ISMS said…
Lady: Appove nenachen! Ivan teacher oru freaknnu! Illaatti, KG2 studentskku enna junk food demonstration endiyirukku....Adula vera Parents involvementaam....Mannaangatti!
Man: Shari! Adukkoonnu nee Bajjiyaa pannaradu? Evan schoole paathaa ellaam Pizza Burger typaa irukke...!
Lady: Yen? Bhajjinnaa enna Kammi junkaa... Daa paarungo! Inda baagula irukkara Vaazhakkay, kathirikkai, urulakkezhangu ellam Bajjiyaa pottennaaa Junk thaan...
Man: Ennamo...teacherukkum supervisorukkum party thaan! Sari, sari... Paththu manikku minnaala mudichudu...1/2naal leave thaan poda mudiyum!
Boy: Appa...naanum thirumbi varattumaa?
Man: Ellaam ongammaavoda Bajji vaibhavam polirukkum!
Pratima said…
It was on the day they went shopping and mommmy had bought all those lacy frocks kinda nighties from that shop. He particularly remembered mommy buying a black and pink silk big frock, because when she saw it, she gave this vague wink to daddy. Come on, did they think he didn't notice it, he always felt adults were too stupid to think that kids were this stupid! Yanyways, he was getting bored standing for the bus and wanted someone to carry him, so he said as much, in that gnawing tone he used, to get his way...
'Mommy, Daddy, carry me, legs paining.... ' repeatedly...
Mommy looked at Daddy and Daddy looked at Mommy, neither was enthued to carry him now, now being used for 2 reasons, one it was hot and sunny, two he was now a big boy, as they repeatedly told him. He was just working this out when he caught an aunty from across the street take their picture(!), while Mommy was saying...
'Ok, fine! I'll carry him, but will you atleast carry this bag..?'
'No way am I going to be seen on a busy street like this carrying your bag of lingerie shopping...'
TomCruiseChellum said…
Kid : Mummy, see . That is my friend Ishwar's thatha.
Mummy : Avara idhu? He is on TV everyday, in that oil ad.
Daddy : Kuduthu vechavar. Denam denam sooda moru morunnu bajji sappittundu.
Mummy: AAsa than ungalukku. Oorila irukkara cholesterola ellam kuthakukku eduthu vechirikkele, pinna enna pannarathu?
Daddy: Anda payyila Fortune oila vangi vechindu nee ippadi ellam dimikki kuddukka pakkarathu nyayame illa.
Anonymous said…
Man: Palani, who does laundry under the shelter
Kid : Sneha, the laundry man's daughter
Woman: Mandaveli Mami.

Sunday evening 5 O clock, Laundry closes at 6:00 p.m

MM: Palani, en pullayoda school uniformum, avaroda 4 shirt, 2 pant um ithula vechiruken..chatha suruka kadai moodarthukulla iron panni thanthudariya? Kaathalenthu solinde iruken, seekiram kondu poi iron panna kududa, naan intha vaati panna maatenu..hmm enga kekaran..paazha pona match highligts paathundu irkaan oru pattaalatha kooptu vechindu!! avanuku poruppu illai, ivanuku porupu illainu aadaravaala thitindu..ivaaluku iruka porupa pathi pesina mattum kovam vandudarthu.

chinna pasanga pona pogarthu..iniku irukara maathiri naaliku irukuma intha siripum gummalamum..adaan naane vanduten. Bajji poda ready panni vechitu vanden, eniko oru naal thaananu..

Adiye sneha, inga ennadi panra, veyilla aadindu.. appaku thunayaa? sari, appa iron pannathum intha coveraa aathula kondu vandu kuduthadariya? apadiye unakumm 4 bajji potu tharen..

Palani: antha covera ippadi vechitu ponga mami.. naane kadaya saathitu pora vazhila kuduthudaren iniku naane seekiram kadaya moodaren..kamadhenu la Dhool oduthulla, athaan amudhavayum kootitu pogalaamnu.!!

- Shubha

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