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Tuesday, July 10, 2007



A most inspiring lady. I got an email from her today asking for help. Not for her. But for some other women. Who need money to buy seeds. The rains have come but they have nothing to sow on their lands. Would you help me? she pleads. She shouldn't be pleading. She's very old and worked very hard for much of her life for others. I have some friends, I told her. May be together, we can do something. But there's only 10 days before they have to start cultivation, she stresses. I'll see what we can do, I say.

The cost of seeds per acre is Rs.500/- (10 Euros). With a 100 Euros, 10 landless women will be benefited. Any contribution, however small, will be most welcome. The bank details are

Name of the Bank : Federal Bank
Address : Thanjavur, Tamilnadu, India
Swift Code : FDRL – INBB – IBD
To the Credit of Krishnammal Jagannathan
Account Number : SB 5559

If you wish to send cheques, please draw them in favour of Krishnammal Jegannathan and send them to:


Vinoba Ashram


Nagapattinam district

Tamil Nadu


PINCODE 611 105

You may reach them at 00914366-275443 and 275540. E-mail: laftitngsm@yahoo.co.in

Krishnammal's story is here. Details of the organisation she runs can be found here.

p.s. I will soon be running a fundraising effort of some sort. Once I figure out what. Meanwhile, if you have an idea, then please write to me at ammania@gmail.com Thank you!


Latha said...

Dear Ammani,

Is there an address to which I can send a local cheque? Thanks for sharing the information.

lbc said...

I'm a lurker who came here from Mahanandi and would like to know if there is an easy method to donate on-line...i.e. e-mail money transfer or paypal or something that can get the money to them right away?

Nirmala said...

Dear Ammani,
I too need an address as I am not able to do a fund transfer from my icici account.

varali said...

They have written about her. Here: http://infochangeindia.org/200807297233/Livelihoods/Features/Buying-land-from-the-rich-to-distribute-to-the-poor.html

When I saw the article, it rang a bell, but not a very loud one. It took a entire day of agonising over where I had heard of her, before I remembered.