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Saturday, September 15, 2007

In The Night Garden

It's official. We are addicted to this eerily surreal and refreshingly ridiculous offering from Cbeebies - yes, the same house of art that brought us such classics as Teletubbies and the unforgettable Balamory. Presenting In The Night Garden. Featuring Ickle-pickle, Upsy-daisy, Topplyboo, Ninkynonk, Pinkyponks, Ponty-pines and the slightly suggestively named Maka-Pakka. Please do not adjust your sets.


s said...

yeah and ceebebies is supposed to be educative to 4 and 5 yr olds...and i expected them to look fwd to CBBC in the next year!! and look what we have got...these lot remind me of disfigured plastic toys you find in the road side in arupathi moovar thiruvizha!!

Maria said...

lol great video nice find.