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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The 24-hour challenge

Sorry for the delay in starting this competition. The idea is simple. You have 24 hours to come up with a story based on a given theme or an opening line.

Today's theme is 'curry'. Please post your short story in the comment box. The time now is 15.30 GMT and you have the next 24 hours in which to come up with a story. Happy writing!


A4ISMS said...

Anita sniffed and banged her fist on the dining table. She stared in anger and frustration at the print outs spread on the table with mounds of vegetables…

It was bad enough that she scarcely knew any cooking. Now she was expected to cook recipes he had downloaded from Google… curries whose names she had not even heard… Now Aakakkrakaya and Sanaga Pappu curry sounded so formidable. So did Bachala Koora, Ala Badun, Gova Mallung and Bonchi… She did not know yet that translated into Indian terms these were but day to day dishes her mother made.

Pity I love him so much that I am ready to traumatize myself… His parents had better approve of me, she thought mutinously… She was not one for currying favours, but he was insistent that they woo his parents, so that their living together could be legalized into holy matrimony… with their blessings!

With a palpitating heart she set about with the curries.

ahiri said...

With the Reliance Company opening up air conditioned vegetable shops,the trade of small time cart sellers went plummeting down.

They could not look for other jobs and had been doing this for many generations.They needed a bright idea to promote sales and ran to school master Murugasamy.

Now with ever 50 rupees purchase you get a hand-written curry recipe book in Tamil! Free !

"AAtha maadhree kozhambu vekkanuma!!E
Enga ooru Chena curry kekkudha ?"
Can you hear them ?

Sriranchani said...

I could hear the cuckoo kooing loudly, and hurried to the door to find out who rang the bell. There stood a well dressed stranger with a plastic smile , trying to know if i vaccumed the house. After shooing away that poor away , i decided to wait in my sit-out. Wierd thoughts running in my mind making me wonder whats taking him so long to reach the house. There used to be days when there was no waiting time in the evenings. It gave me a quick doubt whether i had put off the gas stove or going to serve an over cooked dinner . Rushed to the kitchen and luckily everything was in proper shape as it had to be. A warm hand hugged me from behind, I turned to cuddle in his warm hug. When i was released from the love-lock , i stood there showing proudly the "shahi-paneer Curry" without paneer,without ghee and without even a tinch of sugar, for my diabetic 5-yr old offspring.

Faitoo said...

Curryleaves chutney , Curry leaves and pudina mixed rice and curry-leaf raitha ,
in our Engagement ceremony,

for my white-haired groom.