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Friday, November 23, 2007

Bees to buzz no more

I could go on for a while. There's still PC bullies, hyper-sensitive Muslims quick to be offended by any reference to the one on whom peace may upon be, extra-hyper-sensitive secularists who rush to the rescue of quickly-offended Muslims in order to prove their secular credentials, language boors, facebook, myspace, shopping, cooking, Saravana Bhavan portion-size, arranged-vs-love marriage debate, any vacuum cleaner other than Dyson...see? I could have any entire apiary in my head. But I will desist. I risk becoming the driver who complained about other road-users while determinedly driving on the wrong side of the road. Perhaps I'm the one with the chip on my shoulder. Anyway, thank you all for having engaged with me. It was great fun. A new series will follow shortly.


Shyam said...

aww... just when I was enjoying all the buzzing!

B o o said...

NO!!! Can we just do one more - the arranged vs love marriage thingy? Pretty please? ;)

Room With A View said...

You must do the one on Saravana Bhawan portion size. Someone apart from me needs to crib about that. Please.

Blogeswari said...

Room with a view :
You mean the pongal given in chutney size, chutney in knei (ghee) size.. all for 30+ rubees..

Should we also talk about the junta raving about it and adding it in their chennai-immigration-queue-at-the-airport-
madras-has-changed-with-new-flyovers posts?

Saravana Bhavan = Ammani and I spent an anyayam 120+ rubees on breakfast for 2 1/4 peoples [including one 1/4 ticket called jikku] and at the end of the breakfast we were still hungry. We later realized the same pongal, vadai and dosai were available for less than 1/2 the price at our terimunai kaiyendi bhavan. SB is over-rated!

ammani said...

How could I foget that memorable breakfast, Blogeswari? It wasn't Rs. 120 but a whopping Rs.180 (plus tips) for 2 'udhrinis' of pongal and a vadai crumb.

HSBC- Hotel Saravana Bhavan Company said...

tasty food always makes you feel that the portions need to be larger -

Saravana Bhavan Marketing

The rest of the portion goes to feed all the orphans I have fathered with my mistresses -


Ravages/CC said...

Saravana Bhavan portion sizes: Um...as an unabashed fan of HSB, quality over quantity, I say. :P

Anonymous said...

Hey, Ammani, while we are at it, let me mention a bee that has been gnawing into my bonnet. About 'cooking blogggers' who cook with consciousness -- as against all of us who only need to cook with a conscience. Even my granny, who spent almost all her living moments in the kitchen, never attempted to cook when she was unconscious :-)