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Voicing Silence 7

Thursday, September 18, 2008

In praise of...7

Audio Books

We discovered audio books at our local library quite by chance last year. The boy had yet to start reading on his own. And we were unable to spend hours reading to him as he wanted us to. Enter audio books. The minute we slipped the CD into the player, he was hooked. Stories of Daisy, Horrid Henry and Adventures of Thomas the Tank Engine kept him rooted to the spot. Something none of us had ever managed to do. Soon, audio books became a staple on our library borrowing list. We've picked up a few gems along the way. Don't take you elephant to the school is fantastic listen. We've played it so many times, it has even inspired us to try our hand at writing silly verse. And when in doubt over gift ideas, we buy an audio book. Always works a treat.

These days the boy can read fluently. Still he'd happily listen to Miranda Richardson tell him about the time Horrid Henry robbed a bank. She does the Henry voice way better than I ever can.


Anonymous said...

I guess this is going to sound rude but 'In praise of' is no match to your 'Bee in my bonnet', Ammani. It's like reading a tamed down version of Subbudu.

Anonymous said...

That WAS rude, I suppose. Sorry :o

swarna said...

oh yes audio books...the li'l one is hooked to "Bringing down the moon" and the voice takes us adults straight back to nostalgia and "nila nila odi vaa".

Thumbs up to Audio books!