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Friday, October 10, 2008

A very public attempt 5

At Understanding Poetry

I've run out of steam on this series. I leave you with this one. My nearly-six year old's gift to his father on his birthday.

I know. It runs in the family.


Kalthoon tilakji said...

I like the sun
I love the bun-a?

ha ha ha! Chinnu engayo poiduthu!!

WA said...

lol it really does run in the family

shyam said...

I like the sun
I love the bun-aa? illai bum-aa? :) (May I add, I love the little bum - too funny to watch the shorts/pants slip slowly down the non-existent hips) :D

SUR NOTES said...

brilliant, i say!

Ravages/CC said...

So is the father the sun or...?

austere said...