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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Seems like yesterday

It's been five years since I ran the London Marathon. It's something I never fail to bring up, even in a casual conversation which might go like this.

You: Nice day, isn't it?
Me: Yes, a most pleasant day to go running.
You: Yes, did you hear about what happened to that ship that was attacked by pirates?
Me: Pirates? Bet they never go running.
You: They threatened to kill all on board if they weren't paid a ransom.
Me: And if they are killed, they can certainly never go running. Did I tell you about the time I ran the London Marathon and someone came dressed as a pirate?
As you probably guessed, I'm darned proud of having run the 26.2 mile course. Here are some pics. (Rest assured I will do the same year after year. Write about my day of glory that is, not run)


MADHAV said...

Hats off to you madam! 42.195 km is an awfully long distance. Its simply heroic to run a full marathon. I cant think of running 5 kms non-stop, let alone completing the marathon.

Great achievement, worth writing about, quite a few times.


Banno said...

Well, I'd do the same if I had run it. I can't imagine ever running it, though. Maybe I could talk about it even without running it.

Artnavy said...

it is a unique thing you did and even completed!!

worth talking about

love the header pic

Shyam said...

Wish there was a way to see the photo collage in a larger size.

Anu Jayanth said...

Great blog! I'm unable to enlarge the pics :-(

umm oviya said...

of course you can boast. cos i boast to people that a 'friend' of mine ran the london marathon. so why not you?

Anonymous said...

are ppl allowed to take breaks in btwn ?n.... thts one helluva distance to cover


ra said...

i second shyam. we need to admire you achieving your feat up close. and this is a story to repeat to the grandchildren...

ammani said...

Anu, Shyam & Ra, for some inexplicable reason blogger refuses to enlarge the pic. Sorry!

Sunitha said...

Congratulations! It is always an achievement and you should celebrate every year :-)

Sreejith said...

The collage is excellent!! And kudos for the run!!

aa said...