Friday, March 03, 2017

Voicing Silence 7

(To get a background on this series, I suggest you start with the first post here and then scroll up)

Headphones recommended

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Written and narrated by 
Abhi Arumbakkam

Animation and edit 
Lucy Lee

Louise Brown

Nefeli Stammatogianopoulu & Stelios Koupetoris

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Shruthi said...

Beautiful, hard-hitting. The narration, the animation, and the live-action. Very well done. I watched it thrice in quick succession, and each time, it was equally effective.

ammani said...

Thank you, Shruthi for your comment. Really appreciate it.

Archana Hari said...

I am sorry I didn't stand by you when this happened. My excuse (and that's what it is) was I was too young to understand the full significance of what happened. No words seem right but if it means anything, I have been on your side ever since realisation set in.

ammani said...

Thank you, Archana for your very thoughtful comment. Really appreciate it. I had to speak up but only when I was ready to do so. It is time to get talking and stop pretending that "such things do not happen in our community" (as I was told recently).

?! said...

Read all the posts, watched the video. I am sure it took a lot out of you to make it. Justice seems a remote possibility, but I hope it was at least cathartic. I also hope that it provides a way for others similarly placed to come out and voice their own experiences. Take care.

ammani said...

Thank you, ?! for your thoughtful comment. I sincerely hope it will get people to begin addressing their past traumas and seek help.

Feminazi said...

This needs to be watched by more people Ammani, I stumbled across this but most likely I would have missed it altogether and would have been poorer for it. Pics/videos definitely say more words than blogs or the written medium can. Thank you for doing this, even the most courageous, free-thinking Indian women stop at 'it happened to my friend' or 'it almost happened to me'. This had the effect on me that was desired, it left me grossed, sucker punched and terribly guilty for not speaking up more on my abuse. - Kavita

Anonymous said...


Hidden truths
Smothered For years…
Frozen anger
Buried deep

Eulogical chants,
Uttered in delusion
Hollow sounds of
Ignorant grief
Rending the air

The ice cracks
Streams of fury
Gurgling and frothing
Threatening to spill over…

Futile fervour
Not worthwhile
Let Bygones be
The haze has cleared

Seething no more
Rage spent
Breathing calm
In benign repose …

Ardra Vamshi