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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A quick tale 40

A conversation

There are two friends. Let’s call them A and B.
A tells B, “You won’t guess what he bought me for my birthday”
“Go on, tell, tell”, coaxed B.
“A diamond ring”
“Cannot be bigger than the one my man got me for our anniversary.”
“Was it this big?” asked A, keeping her fingers apart some two inches.
“Bigger. And this year I know it’ll be better.”
“Aren’t we lucky?” A exclaimed.
They both nodded dreamily. It was their turn to get off the bus. And back to a dusty old home and children with runny noses.


Übermaniam said...

i think i missed something. i'll wait for the next one. as always, keep us coming. and keep em coming.

Übermaniam said...

i missed something else; wanted to tell you, thanks for dropping by. and commenting. appreciate it, as always. cheers.

Übermaniam said...

thanks, again...and again, for dropping by and for the kind words. i'm honoured. cheers uber.

Ganesh said...

i also missed ,so their husbands are theives is that what it is ?

My first time here, came thro mukund.

WA said...

Ammani I didn't miss it. I loved it. Its so Indian to boast and put up a front, Wonderful story

tjsnathan@yahoo.com said...

Wow!! The suffocated compressed carbon stone, is what we ppl think as 'status'. Reminided me of the Guy de maupassant classic 'The Diamond Necklace'.

and here.. trying to add to the QT!
She reached home. The elder of the children[with both the noses running] asked 'mom.. i need to have my notebooks... ',

'What abt my pencil?..' it was the younger[with just one nose running].

"after your dad gets his wages next week, We will definitely go for shopping."

The children were hopeful, even after hearing these words for the umpteenth time.

Balaji said...

thanks wicked angel. got this one only after reading your comment :-) so now i can say "great one ammani" instead of scratching my head!

and tjsnathan, i'm these days looking fwd to your extensions almost as much as i look fwd to ammani's QTs.

madatadam said...

Another version:
she walked up to her home of 13 years', soaked in sweat and unshed tears. she felt like screaming and tearing her hair. only nobody in the house could see or hear. and then she knew she was alone.

Ansh said...

good one...
its a woman thing!

Vasundhara said...

Good one...reminds me of the Tamil movie 'Bama vijayam'

Übermaniam said...

nothing is ever understood. cause if it were, there wouldn't be a world full of misunderstanding. thank you, miss understood. uber.

kaaju katli said...

"Bama Vijayam" Yes :-) Nice one, ammani - everyone needs to escape sometime.

perspective said...


manu said...

thanks ammani, for these soul searching stories. reading your blog is now a daily routine to me. dying to read more. keep writing.

Gangadhar said...

nice tale,Ammani!!

shub said...


AF said...

Nice one ammani as always.

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY!
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