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Talk Talk

Time for a new series. Here's how it works. I give you some dialogue and you need to tell me who is talking and what the conversation is about. If you need to weave that into your story, then [;ease do so. As ever, post your stories in the comment box and please try to keep them short. Let's see how this goes.

"Which would you prefer? A six or a nine?"
"Which would you reccomend?"
"A nine."
"I was thinking of a six."
"I insist on a nine."
"How about a compromise?"
"No. Nine!"


Sujeet said…
....pleased with my deep devotion, God came to me and granted me a number of boons.
You posted the bargain between me and God on the number of wishes :-)

You see, my wants are less, but God wanted otherwise.
itchingtowrite said…
between a couple to be married- which sari to be wearing - 6 yard or 9 yard. husband insists 9 yard, wife tries to work out a compromise by may be mentioning 9 yard only during the muhurtam and 6 yard thru out the ceremony
itchingtowrite said…
decision - which floor house to stay / buy- 6th floor or 9th.. compromise wud be 7th or 8th floor
Mathi said… beginning to like this already. i cant think past Kamasutra position 69..
is it not intentional that u chose 6 & 9?
Shiv said…
Shoe store? *wink*
Mangal said…
two friends left with the last hand, deciding which number to play their bet on in a casino.
ahiri said…
At the Nail Art bar , two reeking rich aunties .

One wants starry nights on her nails and the other wants her to have a Picasso.

I can almost smell them.
ahiri said…
The board on the wall read clearly so:

Exclusive Rights of Burial in Earthen Graves

Exclusive Rights of Burial 3 feet by 6 feet (0.91m x 1.83m) £132.00

Exclusive Rights of Burial 4 feet by 9 feet (1.22m x 2.74m) £132.00

Mrs.Charmaine Raman wanted him to be cosier.
It costs the same either ways ,she insisted.
Illa said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ahiri, loved your second one!
Pooh said…
Discussion between number if diamonds on a piece of jewelery between mother and daughter
Kirukal said…
Madonna adopting a child....the third world adopition agent gives her a choice between a 6 yr old and 9 yr old. She prefers the 9 yr old!
(weird thought but its 11.45 in the nite and this is all I cud think!)
Bruce Lee said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bruce Lee said…
well, i think some of the given situations wouldn't be appropriate. it cannot be boons,floor etc. then, the the number would not be preceded by 'a'. it would just be 'six or nine', not 'a six or a nine.
so, i think it cannot be a count of anything.

anyway, one situation is:

there are 2 drinks, one called six, one called nine in a bar called numbar. a couple go there to order a drink to share, so one says
"Which would you prefer? A six or a nine?"
while the other replies
"Which would you recommend?"

the compromise is that they each buy a different drink, one buys a six, other buys a nine. but the compromise is rejected by one of them. (since they can't afford it)
Anonymous said…
Try inverting the symbol a 6 will look like a 9.It looks like the GF has got lower increments from her boss & trying to wriggle a higher number to console her. To depress her further the BF proposes 6.When they fight they both realize they are foolish since it looks the same & then they live happily.
A4ISMS said…
Hah! Easy,
Ammu Paatti and Agilaandammaal supply swweets and murukkus for 'Sumangali Sweets'they are about to make Murukku for the wedding 'Sheeru'of Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan ( Namma Ambika Bachchanodu pullayaandaan...)... Ammu Paatti asks how many 'rounds' each Murukku should have...^? Agilaandam says 9 rounds...Nine it is!
perspective said…
Wow..its been so so so long since I visited here... and look at all the fun you've been having writing!
you're a master at this!
perspective said…
Wow..its been so so so long since I visited here... and look at all the fun you've been having writing!
you're a master at this!
tomcruisechellum said…
Sarada Mami's head appeared over the kuttichevar separating 63 Luz Avenue from 64 Luz Avenue, as I was presiding over the busy hour at the kitchen making arachu vitta vengaya sambar and urulai roast curry for the Sunday lunch.
"Onakku vishayam theriyumo? Lalithavoda peranukku kalyanamam. Ponnu vandu etho Frencho Italiano ennavo oru ezhavu"
"Enna mami kalyanamkarayal; ezhavungarayal. Setha molla chollungo. Yaravathu kekka pora"
"Pinna ennadi. Intha lakshanathukku namma sambradayappadiyam"
"Oho; appa suamagali prarthanyellam unda enna?"
"Attha yen kekkare. Athu vere undam. And varapoora mattuponna vere okkara vekka poralam. Intha kootha engayavathu ketturikkiyo?"
" Enna mami, appa antha ponnukku 6 gajama 9 gajam madisara?"
Anonymous said…
This would be pretty commonly hear at the local chinese take out, don't you think?
Venky said…
Well we wanted to employ a eunuch for a house keeping job.
the tamil guy wanted a tamil speaking one and asked for 9 ombodhu
and the other north indian wanted a chakka 6
Anonymous said…
this is how the conversation started before someone settled on the proverb:

"a stitch in time saves nine"

- s.b.

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