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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Virtual Coffee Mornings - Contest 2

Rajini wants Punch Dialaak

In his next film Vinnveli - The Space, Rajini is born into a poor family and studies under the starlit sky. He grows up fascinated with space and one day, while on a holiday in Morocco, he comes across a poster from NASA asking for astronauts. Rajini breaks a coconaut in nearby Egypt's famous Pillayar Kovil and goes to America to become astronaut. But very bad American conspiracy against Indian people denies Rajini his chance in space.

Flying back to India, Rajini notices vast expanse of mountainous uninhabited territory and he decides to stop there for some rest and recovery. So he asks the pilot to drop him off at the nearest mountain top. When he steps off the plane, he is stunned by the sight that confronts him. Cages upon cages packed with writhing, struggling human beings. Rajini realises that this is another of America's plan for global domination. America has been enticing bright and famous people of other countries with offers of space travel, rounding them off and putting them in prison in that remote territory. How can Rajini allow a travesty of such monumental proportions to carry on? Rajini bristles in righteous indignation and a cunning plan forms in his mind. How he takes on the might of America single-handedly and restores peace and intelligence in the the world forms the rest of the story.

So what do you have to do? Suggest good punch dialogues that Rajini will utter in the course of Vinnveli - The Space. The winner will be announced on this blog in a couple of days' time. Go on, get started. Oru daravai sonna...

To participate, all you need to do is place a coffee mug (preferably clean) next to your computer. And once you have entered a contest, drop some small change into it. At the end of the week, collect the coins (hopefully some notes too) and send them to LAFTI in India. Here are their bank details.

Name of the Bank : Federal Bank
Address : Thanjavur, Tamilnadu, India
Swift Code : FDRL – INBB – IBD
To the Credit of Krishnammal Jagannathan
AccountNumber : SB 5559

This is part of a series of contests I will be hosting to raise funds for LAFTI. The organisation will help women buy seeds so they may cultivate their lands within the next 10 days.


Saloni Ramachandiran said...

"Dai, Na Vinvellikke Thalaivali kuduppaven da...!!"

"Kanna, Vanathula pala Natchatharatha pathiruppa... Ana indha maanamulla natachatharatha TamilNatta thavara vera yengayum pakka mudiyathu.. Purinjutha?"

Blogeswari said...

Before the fight with rowdies:

Naa povenda vinnveli
Unakku kuduppenda palvali
[*dishyum* *dishyum*]

Vinveli-kku mudalla ponavan Armstrong-u
(showing off his biceps)
Inga-p-paaruda aalu-strong-u

ps : Whattess thalaivar's character called in the film? We are wanting to know, to do better works..better punch

Honey Bee said...

Ippudu Choodu , kanna nee venna nasakku thalaivana irukalam; unnai nasam panna vandha nasa naanda

Look here, kjfldfoul lvjfw lkfj9oerop... thalaivar is speaking in english. dont mind reading it. just enjoy his body language.

Bhavani said...

loved it honeybee.. nee(nga)dan adutha sujatha :)

meera sriram said...

Again, borrowed from my DH -

America super poweru naa, naa super powerukke, power cuttu!!!

anantha-krishnan said...

lets assume .. our thalais name is naasaboy like baasha boy :))

after he meets ppl in jail... his conv with the vilan..

agal velaka ellam than da unnala adachuveka mudiyum...
naan sooriyan, pakkathula vandale basmam thaan...

in the middle of a fight..

mathavan adicha vali than irukum..
intha naasaboy adicha pazhasu ellame marakkum

after thalaivar's application gets rejected in nasa...
oru spl thathuva song in AR's music
"naasa van periya naasa..
anga select anavanlam vaazhkaila
paasa "


to the vilan
"kanna, kuruku vazhila nera porathum thappu... mathavanga ner vazhila ne kurukula porathum thappu ! enna en vazhila vitudu "

"mutu muta books a padicha matum pathadu..
kattu katta notu adicha matum pathadu..
akkam bakkam irukara manusangala purinjuko
aruma peruma ulla indha olagatha anachuko "