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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Virtual Coffee Mornings - Contest 3


You are stuck on a sinking boat. Along with Rajinikanth, Shahrukh Khan and Sachin Tendulkar. But there's only one lifejacket.

Kanna, this lifejacket is mine. Why? Why? Why? you ask. Because I am the one and only superstar and if I die whose cut outs will my fans worship, I say? he demands and with a flick of his hair, he salutes everyone goodbye and is about to slip into the lifejacket. But Shahrukh stops him in his path. N-n-n-no, Rajini-saar, he argues, the lifejacket should be mine. I am afterall the overactor of them all. If I die, Kaun Banega Crorepati?

But just as Shahrukh is about to grab the lifejacket from Rajini, a twirling cricket bat stops them both. Nahin, cries a pre-pubescent voice, this lifejacket belongs to me. I'm the last remaining cricketing hero of this nation, says Sachin, if I die, what will happen to all my sponsors? Soon, a tussle breaks out among the three of them. Now it's your turn to argue why the lifejacket should be yours. Make it quick, because water is seeping into your boat and you don't have long to go.

But who wins the lifejacket? Winner announced in a couple of days.

To participate, all you need to do is place a coffee mug (preferably clean) next to your computer. And once you have entered a contest, drop some small change into it. At the end of the week, collect the coins (hopefully some notes too) and send them to LAFTI in India. Here are their bank details.

Name of the Bank : Federal Bank

Address : Thanjavur, Tamilnadu, India
Swift Code : FDRL – INBB – IBD
To the Credit of Krishnammal Jagannathan
AccountNumber : SB 5559

This is part of a series of contests I 'm hosting to raise funds for LAFTI. The organisation will help women buy seeds so they may cultivate their lands within the next 10 days.


meera sriram said...

Me, because only if I survive can I tell the world the historic sinking of the boat that carried three super stars (and may be throw in a scene or two about the story of a boy and a girl who made love while the boat was sinking)!

anantha-krishnan said...

because you all are already famous, rich and old !.. and ab mera number aagaya hai.

1. rajini sir, if you sink u can still survive with your yogic skills and with the grace of baba ji
2. sachin, u r a gr8 athlete, u can swim all the way to the shore..
3. sharukh, u r a romantic hero and u can try and make one of the jalparis fall in love with u instantaneously, get help from her...

me bechara !! let me take the life boat hehehehe

Bharathwaj said...

If i dont.. cricket would lose its ardent follower.. Bollywood its regular movie - goer who watches all the crap movies it has to offer..

And Rajini.. would lose his crazy fan..

Without ppl like me.. they wud not have been what they are !

Sounds convincing ?? :)