Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Memory Crumbs 2

I remember vividly being taught to write my name. The 'r' was written like a flying bird.

Memory Crumbs

A new series. Some remembered. Some imagined. I forget which is which.

The head teacher walked into our class room in the middle of a maths test. She whispered something into the teacher's ears. They both spoke in a hushed voice for a while. Our teacher kept her eyes closed and listened attentively to what was being told. Then she looked up at us and cleared her throat to get our attention. She announced, 'I'm deeply saddened to announce that our former Principal Mrs Sharma is no more. She died this morning. In her honour, the rest of the day has been declared a holiday'. I don't remember what she said next. Her voice was drowned out by the loud and somewhat inappropriate cheering of a group of students who had just been granted an unexpected day's leave.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

A quick tale 161

Why not?

You tell yourself it doesn’t matter really. What’s a lottery after all? A few million quid. It would be nice to win, definitely. You can pay off the mortgage, retire early and buy a house in the countryside or something. Or if are really lucky, buy one even in the heart of the city. But let’s be honest. What chances do you really have of winning? Pitifully little. You tell yourself that as you put the ticket away to the bottom of a pile.

But then you remember all those success stories. About this couple that were neck deep in debt. And how one day they won the jackpot. You’ve heard tons of them before. You know it could never happen to you. But still, that evening when the numbers are being read out on the telly, you wish. Just for a moment. May be…

Thursday, January 18, 2007



I need the help of someone in Chennai (ideally Mylapore or close by) with access to

1. A camcorder and facility to upload some footage onto youtube


2. A printer and a scanner

I would need one hour of the person's time and would be grateful if he/she could spare the same. Please write to me at ammania@gmail.com if you think you can help me.

Thank you.

Monday, January 08, 2007

I ask, you write 15

After a slow start, things really picked up and a few good stories came through in response to the last question. Let's see how things go this time around.

She was born in 1940. The second of five children born to Vedaranyam Seshadri and Rajalakshmi ammal. She passed away after a brief illness in November 2006. How will Jagada be remembered?

Please keep your stories short and post them in the comment box. This might be the last question for some time, so go ahead and answer away.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I ask, you write 14

Here's a long question to start you off in the new year.

Ramanathan’s coming, said Amma not taking her eyes of her brother’s letter. On the 22nd, she added once she had finished reading. Ramu mama was Amma’s youngest brother who left for America back in the early ‘70s. You had only seen him once in your whole life and you were a toddler then. He threw you up so high in the air, Amma told you once, you hit your head against the ceiling.
What happens then?

As always, please keep the stories short and post them in the comment section. Thank you.