Monday, July 06, 2009

Down Strange Paths by that White-Rabbit Curiousity

While browsing through the weekend's bulk of newspaper, I chanced upon a column by Nick Laird (otherwise known as Mr. Zadie Smith) where he talks about the gangrenous growth of facebook and twitter and how it has eaten into our abilities to concentrate on one thing and one thing alone.

Here is the link to the article. With that I take a breather. I'm off to India for the summer and I will see you sometime soon. And yes, results for the 'Letter to your teen self' contest coming up soon.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Michael - In Memoriam

Natural Star - For Michael Jackson

© 1991 by Alice Walker

I am in mourning
For your face
The one I used to love
To see
Leaping, glowing
Upon the
The stage
The mike
In your

I am in mourning
For your face
The shining eyes
The happy teeth
The look that said
I am the world
And aren't you
Not to mention
In luck.

I am in mourning
The sweet brown innocence
Of your skin
Your perfect nose
The shy smile
That lit you
Like a light.

I am in mourning
For a face
The Universe
In its goodness
Makes but once
and smiles
And sends it out
To spread great joy
Itself well pleased.

I am in mourning
For your beloved face
So thoroughly
And undeservedly

Oh, my pretty little
Brother. Genius. Child.
Sing to us. Dance.

Rest in peace.