Tuesday, May 01, 2018

What's Cooking?

On my last visit to India, I decided I would self-publish a book. A food memoir, to be precise. It's a collection of essays on food that I grew up eating and I have decided to call it 'Life On An Eversilver Plate.' The manuscript has been submitted and it is being edited as I type this. After two rounds of editing and once the cover design has been finalised, it will be laid out and then go into print. I look forward to what it will look like and if I can read the book without cringing, then I should consider it a good outcome.

This blog was the place where I used to write down regularly but somewhere along the way, it lost its steam (how I make it seem like that had little to do with me.) Although I have been lax here, I've been writing elsewhere. Apart from the book, I have been writing a theatre piece - on and off - and if all goes well, it will also be the start of an exciting project. 

If you are still visiting this blog for an update, then watch out for a post with link on amazon on how to buy the book. Would be nice if you can give it a flip through. 

Thank you!