Thursday, February 08, 2007

A quick tale 164

Morning Story

From where you are you can hear muffled talk next door. The kids are up, you note. The older one giggles. You smile. She's just like her father. Somewhere in the house a door opens. Milk, you tell yourself. Soon you will have to be up and pursue the various strands of domestic activity. You'll have to get hold of the plumber today and fix the dripping tap. It has been leaking for far too long. You have also got to remember to pay the electricity bill. Which brings to mind, where did you note down the reading from the last quarter? The kids will have to be woken up, dressed, fed and dropped off at school. After that you have to do some grocery shopping. You are running low on cooking oil and rice. On your way back, you must remember to stop by at the old neighbour's house and enquire about his well-being. It's been a week since you found out that he fell down and broke his ankle. But you cannot spend too much time there and you'll have to excuse yourself pretty soon. Today's Thursday and tomorrow is the last day to send in the application that you have barely started filling in. And in case it needs to be written in black ink, you have to remember to buy some black pens when you are out in the market. But for the moment, you lie back in bed, savouring the last vestiges of sleep. Your day is about to begin shortly.


Anonymous said...

It has been my 1st visit to ur blog...urs is a terrific one indeed...mmmm..regarding morning story...well...mind has a big mouth,hasn't it?

Anonymous said...

//Where people land googling for 'Pepsi Uma's bra size'//


Ahiri said...

kalai eyundhavudan ......
nice post ammanix!!!

S said...

nethi adi

Anonymous said...

ey ezhunduru

2 minutes

10 mins later ey innum ezhundukkala

pse pse 2 mins

10 mins later ey innuma ezhundukkala

pse pse pse last 2 mins

ey yaarum unna kaalamkaarthala ezhuppala. mani 8 aachu