Saturday, November 27, 2004

A weekend of myself

August 25, 2004

I'm taking off this weekend. Just to be by myself. I did not realise how much I've been missing my company. When I mentioned this to a friend, she exclaimed, 'What?? Just you? Then who'll take care of your husband? Your son? Have you thought about his future? What will happen to him in your absence? How could you be so selfish? How could you?'Listening to her, you'd have thought I was abandoning my family for good. I had to (politely) remind her that I was going to be away for just 48 hours. And that my husband is 34 years old and more than capable of taking care of himself and our son. And that I wanted to spend some time without worrying about the brain-sapping mundane chores of domestic life. And quite simply, I needed a break.To this, my friend tried to guilt-trip me and I had to spend a further ten minutes justifying my decision. In the end, she wasn't very convinced and I just felt wretched. Anyway, I'll be in Edinburgh this weekend. I hope to catch some of the shows on offer at the this year's comedy festival.


The Practical Idealist said...

Didn't realise you were blogging all along!!

(Mis)Chief Editor said...

How many times you thought about your hubbie and your kid?

How many calls you made to them?

If your answer is Yes, finally, are you really 'off'?