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Monday, January 24, 2005

Coffee, tea or Horlicks?

'It is an acquired taste'. I know they say this of delicacies and exotic food. But I would say the same of Horlicks. Yes, good old, friend-of-the-feverish Horlicks. Appparently, it is one of the most popular drinks in the UK! It's hard to imagine big, boozing British blokes drinking a warm mug of malted drink before hitting the sack. It seems they do. I suspect that the renewed interest in the age-old drink has much to do with its latest advertising campaign. Here's how it goes.

Ad 1- Woman comes running into a bus stop to catch a bus which is already waiting there. But just as she is about to board, the bus moves away leaving the woman stranded in the bus stop. Shot of the bus driver and a voice over that says 'How does he sleep at night?'. Bus driver is now in his pyjamas, ready for bed, blissfully downing a steaming mug of Horlicks. Voice over whispers 'Horlicks. For a good night's sleep'.

Ad 2 - Parking attendant checks watch, checks the parking slip displayed on a car window. Checks watch, checks time on parking slip. Does the same third time around and then, boom! slams the much-hated parking penalty ticket on the car window. Skips away merrily to a voice over that says 'How does she sleep at night?'. Parking attendant is at home, ready to go to sleep, sipping on a foaming mug of her favourite malt drink. Voice over, in a whisper, says 'Horlicks. For a good night's sleep'.

I'm going to get my Horlicks fix for the day. I won't drink it. Just gobble it straight off the spoon, like I always have.


(Mis)Chief Editor said...

Try this combination:

1. Have a Spoon of Horlicks
2. Dont eat immediately
3. Have a Spoon of Sugar

Hipong, Upong, Papang!! (the recent music bit of Horlicks!)

As a senior, I still love Horlicks (all forms) and
my kid like 'Junior' Horlicks!!

Anonymous said...

hi i am ranjit from chennai. was just reading your blogs.
gobble as in *appadiyae saapiduvaen* ?

your blogs are very nice to read.
keep the good work going!!!


tris said...

Horlicks crops up in the most unexpected places. Like the book I was reading recently, Language of Baklava--- there was a Brit boy who loved his 'Nutritious Horlicks' in Jordan.