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Thursday, January 06, 2005

God? What God?

I am not terribly religious. But I do turn to God in times of crisis. Such as the one we are confronted with right now. Hundreds and thousands of innocents dead in the flash of an eye. While I've been praying for the wounds to heal and the grief to wash over, I'm left with one daunting question. One that keeps coming back and forth much like the killer waves themselves. 'Where is God in all this?'
Not for me the abstract theological explanations. Nor can I reconcile myself to fate, like many Hindus would. And so each time I saw the body count rise, my mind kept asking 'Why God? Why?'.
While I haven't found a satisfactory answer, there is something I read in the papers a couple of days ago which offers some solace. The Archbishop of Canterbury says,

'God is to be found in the hands of those helping to bury the dead, to
bring clean water to the living, to administer medicine to the ill and counsel
to those in darkness.'

Om to that.

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