Friday, April 01, 2005


What a sad person she had become. Writing for strangers and delighting in their response. Losing touch with real life. Seeking solace in an imagined world. Hiding behind an alias. Shunning the sun. Warming to a neon hue.
Turn it off, girl. Say goodbye. You have no new messages. Smell your child or something.


Harish said...

sorry if this sounds crude.. but..

Play w/ ur child.
Whip up another delicacy.
Take in the fresh air.
Go on an impromptu trip, if u please.

but after u do all that, come right back and blog! we'll wait..

ur way too good to let go of :)

if this is an April Fool Joke.. ur mean!! :P

mischief editor said...

good one...

should be termed as 'quick tale 8'...

harish - we crossed those days yaar...! april fool from ammani - never!!

Anonymous said...

Keep them coming, your quick tales are very touching. Don't stop please

Anonymous said...

hi ammani,

all your posts are very good.. keep them coming.. and oh ya, Piranda naal vaazhtukkal

Anonymous said...

ammani...landed on ur blog while i was blog hopping...very impressive...good luck and keep writing for strangers like us!

yezdi said...

tooo good. your words are captivating