Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Quick tales for charity - more

Continuing from here and here

Lokesh's words 'filthy, funny, flawed'

'Filthy, funny, flawed…' he whispered before trailing off to death.
The disciple who sat by his bed repeated them verbatim to others who
had gathered to find out what the great man's last words were. The
words were quoted and quoted again and before long, it had become a mantra. Filthy, funny, flawed, filthyfunnyflawed, filyfnnyfawd. They were said to
contain the meaning of life, universe and everything else. The answer
to eternal questions. The essence of cosmic mysteries. Those that
chanted it confessed to a new inner peace. Soon, the 3 fs became a
global phenomenon. T-shirts carried their message, sms jokes were made
about them and songwriters struggled to find words that rhymed (healthy, cunning, fraud?).

But if the master had lived a little longer, he would have added
'gorgeous' to the three words. His life was flashing before his
dying eyes. And he was describing the girl he was in love with many
moons ago.


Pal said...

awesome writing skills - a story penned around 4 words "filthy funny flawed gorgeous"

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

back with a bang! have been checking every day for my dose of quick tales!

Anonymous said...

Nice! As always.

Anonymous said...

Hooray, a new QT! :) I like this one a lot, Ammani.

monu said...

not only do you have a wonderful imagination, you have an amazing way of translating it into words.....

సतीsh said...

love, eternity, contentment

30$ for 30 words. I wont count articles or pronouns. And for every word less than 30, I'll add a dollar. :)
And another 10, if you read my mind.

AF said...



Anonymous said...

Somehow, the depth of your stories seem to me to diminish when you write not for writing's sake or for your pleasure.

Anonymous said...

have you been reading The HitchHiker's Guide??
amazingly simple yet contortedly sarcastic...