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Life On An Eversilver Plate

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Not a story at all

Two sisters - Lovely and Jubbly came by this way. But when they found that people in these stories had no names, they went back.


Anonymous said...

Gawd.. you're just amazing.

Anonymous said...

anonymous, are you kidding me?! i hope i'm missing the sarcastic tone of your voice.

Anonymous said...

Nope, wasn't kidding. She truly is amazing.
- Anonymous poster #1

Shyam said...

Heehee... I do love nonsense. :)

Harish said...

LOL!! I loved this one!

Anonymous said...

ok, let me amend that: Ammani is amazing, i think what she does for projectwhy is fantastic and i am a closet fan (oh! well, not anymore) of most QTs and all dishes in chai-pani. but this one- no, not amazing.

anonymous poster #2

Anonymous said...

Yes, she is amazing surely, but this story was, too.

She's talking about people who are not interested when there is nothing obvious to look at, and do not bother to look at the finer and deeper details and be interested.

- anonymous poster #1

b a l a j i said...

This story ranks among the top ones of your crispy tales