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Sunday, September 11, 2005

A quick tale 66


She was sorry his coffee was not hot enough. She regretted that their food was so cold. She apologised for the weather not being good. Wasn’t she sad that their car had broken down. Surely it was her fault that their son had not passed the exam. How terrible she felt that the bank had not approved their loan. She took responsibility for the trains being late. And the baby being born early. And the government bans and the traffic jams. It was all down to her. It’s my mistake, it’s my mistake, it’s all my mistake, she admitted. When really, she couldn’t give a damn. A rat’s ass. Or a row of pins.


labdab said...

A punch on his face might help ;-)

Anjali said...

nice and powerful

Me said...

excellent ...

Maruthu said...

Hi Ammani,

your quick tale has been featured in Today's Hindu Metro Plus.

Its about the Women's in Blogging.


My english is poor..so sorry if any mistake.


Maruthu said...

It is http://www.hindu.com/mp/2005/09/12/stories/2005091200080100.htm

Vijay said...

I used to be a prolific, if not a proficient writer. And suddenly one day I lost the urge to pen my inspirations down...or did I lose my inspirations themselves?

A few days back I came here. And now, I can't stop myself from writing even if I want to.


Shyam said...

Easier to just accept the blame wholesale than argue about it. Right on the nail, Ammani :) And I second Labdab's comment!

Paavai said...

denial-anger-self doubt- reconciliation-action in that order when an external force breaks the self esteem

j said...

yep same thing.you are here

also here




you dont run do you?

rajesh said...

He was sorry the AC in the room was not cold enough. He regretted that the coke he ordered for her was so warm. He apologised for the raindrops that escaped the umbrella that he held over her head. Wasn’t he sad that the traffic signal continued to be red? Surely it was his fault that their son did not qualify for the tennis finals. How terrible he felt that her credit card limit got maxed out. He took responsibility for the her being late,busy applying the nth coating of lipstick. And the baby food that he bought last week, getting over early. And the government bandhs and the oversweet mango jams. It was all down to him. It’s my mistake, it’s my mistake, it’s all my mistake, he admitted. When really, he couldn’t give a damn. A rat’s ass. Or a row of pins.
But then he knew something for sure..
A punch on her face would not help make things better either!

Billy Weddington said...

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