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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A quick tale 74

The reason she was crying

A young woman was crying all the way from Churchgate to Borivili. Which, if you don’t know Mumbai, is quite some distance. Now most people who saw her, saw a pretty, young, affluent woman and assumed that the reason she was crying was ‘man’ problem. She must have had a fight with her boyfriend. Or she must’ve been dumped, they guessed. When really, if you had asked her why she was crying, she would’ve told you that her dog been run over in quick tale 71. And that she was feeling incredibly guilty. Because while her dog lay dead all she could think about was how gorgeous the guy who had run her over was.


Sneha Acharya said...

oops .. thts is wht I cud say on these 2 tales 71 and 74 :-))

Harish said...

kashtakaalam! :)

Anonymous said...

and for what happened three years later, read QT 76