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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A quick tale 87

Reason for being late

A young man is getting ready for work. It’s a quarter to nine in the morning and he should have left for office a good 20 minutes ago. He has yet to finish tying his tie, slip into his shoes and take a last minute leak. He may not wash his hands afterwards if he is in a rush. But right now, he’s busy planning his excuses for coming late to work. Traffic, he reckons. That would be the most obvious. Lousy traffic, he would say, one side of the road closed for road works and it was jammed for almost 2 miles in either direction. But what if someone asked which road. No, it had to be something else, he reasons. Headache. Yes, that sounded reasonable. Or was it too common a lie? Besides, he would have to keep up the act for the rest of the morning. No, it had to be something more genuine-sounding.

His elderly neighbour slipped and broke her ankle this morning. He had to phone the ambulance and wait till she was in safe hands. How about that? Winner. That’s got to sound sincere. A 68-year old neighbour who lived all alone. She would have been climbing down the stairs that morning when she missed the last step. She would have had a hip operation only recently. Such a lovely lady who never forgot his birthday. So kind, almost a mother to him. Who would help her if he didn’t?

He couldn’t wait to get to office and give his reason for being late. They would click their tongues in sympathy for the neighbour he did not have, he was sure. Now, if only the traffic would start moving and stop delaying him further.


Lost in trance... said...

i SWEAR i've gone thru this !!! :)

The Muse said...

I think all of us must have gone through this!!!

"Now, if only the traffic would start moving and stop delaying him further."

Classic finish, as always!

Raga said...

Just a thought...If he has to think so much to come up with a excuse for being late, how will he come up with an excuse for "Calling in sick"? I say that would be a bigger problem! ;-)

post said...

wow, spectacular story!

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

i'm ashamed to say a number of far flung relatives have undergone premature or repeated demises in covering up my tardiness

KD-DK said...

I too have gone thru this many a times, but the ending would be more dramatic. Either my manager wont come, of if he is there he wont ask me for reasons - just a cold stare look.

So now I do not prepare for any...