Saturday, February 25, 2006

Life imitating quick tale?

This and this


Anonymous said...

No...It is just that your quick tales are so real!!!

I humbly bow in front of such wonderful talent.

Mad said...

Wow.. WOW!!

totti said... is so ridiculous..these copycats..i am outraged :) know you would expect wouldn't be smart enough to read stuff off your blog and imitate it. or may be her parents read it to her as a bedtime story? :p

i am amazed at the coincidence...and i agree with anon

monu said...

shows the power of your writing!

tris said...


Anonymous said...

you inspired a two year old to rebel and walk home? *shudders* What next? tales for adults against the oppressive society? ;-)
P.S. who lets their two year-olds to surf the web and read such sites? maybe you should start posting a disclaimer and an age-limit for your tales.

Unknown said...


Rubic_Cube said...

agree with the first anon comment. i bow too!

btw, one of my short stories found an eerie resemblance in the real life experience of another blogger who happened to be my uncle's friend. my uncle and his friend were recounting that story when my uncle had that deja vu feeling and read my story again. there it was! reality and fiction were spaced more than 2 years apart!