Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A quick tale 119

A lift home

It is one of those rare occasions when he is in a car with someone he barely knows. She had offered to drop him home because it was on her way. And he accepted. Now there's 45 minutes of journey time to be filled with conversation. He starts off by thanking her very much for the offer. Oh it's nothing, she dismisses. And that's the end of that. So he sits trying to think of another conversation starter. Her work. How long has she been at the job, he asks. 18 months. And before that? She used to be in a different job. Oh, ok. And what was that, he wonders. Same thing, she says. Oh, ok. And why did she leave her earlier job? The boss harrassed me. He is sorry to hear that. More silence follows.

Should he ask her about her family? May be something less personal. Perhaps cricket. Or politics. Or reality tv. He looks up and remarks how terrible the weather is. Yes, she nods, terrible weather indeed. Nice shoes, he says. Yeah, thanks. I've always liked good shoes, he says, god, I love a pair of good legs. He does not know how the last bit slipped out. Awkward pause. I didn't mean it that way, he stumbles. You have nice legs. And I like a woman with good legs. But I don't fancy you. Not that you are not fancyable. But you're not my kind. He rambles uncontrollably. Do I take a right here? she asks. He can sense the iciness in her tone. Yes, please. The next house on the left. He gets out, thanks her, runs inside and shuts himself into a closet. He doesn't want to see another human for the next ten years.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha.. I was squirming in my chair :D

Anonymous said...

Looks like he is Jeff Murdock from Coupling

R S said...

Hi Ammani,

I have been a regular reader of your blog. After the initial few wonderful articles, I got the feeling that you were writing to merely get better at the exercise than to convey a point. Don't take me amiss: the pieces were still very very good, only they lacked the sting of the initial gems. But here, you are really back to your best! This piece really affected me more than any of the previous many. Maybe you should write more about issues that really affect you as a person. As is with most writers, they bring out the best in you.

In order that my feedback remains strictly what I feel, untempered by political correctness,

I remain,


I agree with anon's comment. Jikku, cricketers take rest.

To all "whatever-jikku-writes-is-my sustenance@ commentators, please dont make her blog boring (which anyway is).


Anonymous said...

Ravi, thank you. I was wondering if there was something wrong with me feeling that way!!
I feel exactly the same way about her writings. Although they're still good, it seems like she's making such an effort to write, while her earlier ones were pure talent

Anonymous said...

Is this a repetition? I remember reading this earlier.


reshma said...

I loved this one!

Lost in trance... said...

this was hilarious. a freudian slip, n then the struggle! brought me a smile!

dogmatix said...

LOL!! Funny , i have been forced to eat crow many times coz of these 'gems' that just fly out of my mouth!!
Arent we glad to be living in the times of Anon and Ravi!! Crusaders of quality blogging and quality commenting!!

Ill tell u what is boring and repetitive... people saying that 'its not good as the original'. Well! that is totally subjective, every commentator is entitled to his/her opinion . What u find 'boring' might be the most original idea according to someone else.

so while u are free to convey your thoughts, saying that others are somehow 'lesser mortals' just because they happen to like jikku's blogs is not too right.

Speech is Golden said...

The story from the other end:

She had offered him a ride home. Something she had never done before. But he looked like the right guy to give a lift to. Tall, handsome. Well! Not really. But he had a nice smile. And seemed like someone who wasn't the everyday guy you meet at work. In the car she liked his blabbering nervousness. His discomfiture. A change from the suave and smooth James Bondian guys she had met before. Terrible weather, he discovered and she nodded. What a lame piece of cliched conversation. Terrible weather indeed. Then he burst, nice shoes, pair of good legs and blah! Then he made the cardinal sin - I don't fancy you, he declared, you are not my kind. Her face fell, a deflated balloon. Do I take a right here? Iciness in tone. He got out mumbled some thanks and ran indoors. She drove to her own lonely apartment. Why can't I have a decent relationship with someone nice? Am I a nice-guy repellant, she cried to herself. I don't want to see another human for the next ten years.

Anonymous said...

Good one - Ammani and Speech is golden :)

Happy Star(Tamizh) birthday to you Ammani tomorrow! Atleast nalaikkavadu un kayyala samayal (sweet) panni kozhandaikku kudumma!

Anonymous said...

jeff frm coupling .... :)

- hurry.

I said...

I hope that woman doesn't go on Blanknoise and talk about sexual harrassment.

Archana Bahuguna said...

That was a real good one Ammani and what Arignar Annavin Thambi said was hilarious :-)

D LordLabak said...

That was funny Ammani. Ravi, I am looking forward to your starting a blog and writing interesting stuff.:-)

Rubic_Cube said...

LOL @ speech is golden. That was classy!

Ammani - another beautiful one. Somebody already mentioned the word "freudian slip". An "uh-oh" moment that downslides. Happens all the time, doesnt it?