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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Double take on a quick tale

Read a quick tale you did not like? Think you would've written it differently? Here's your chance. Go through the archives, pick any tale you like (or dislike), rewrite it in your own words and send it to me at ammania @ gmail.com

Please don't forget to mention the quick tale that inspired yours. I'll wait until the 15th of May before publishing all the entries.

Thank you.

Update: Aiyo! Upon re-reading this post, I realised that it sounds as if I'm crossing swords with the reader. Daring them to do better. Hardly the case. The idea was inspired by A Quick Tale 130 where we did two versions of the same story. This is just to get a fresh perspective. A new spin on an old tale. Thanks.


Lost in trance... said...

A sexy idea actually! Will b interesting to c if something better comes up...hmmm..!

Speech is Golden said...

that is a sound idea... and hey! i did it long back. QT 119 I think. I wrote my take on it. Another perspective.

Ammani, what can I say there are 130 Quick Tales. How do I pick a favourite?

And better it... well that is out of question. (Lost in trance - that is your answer. Different, yes perhaps. Better, I doubt)

Nilu said...

and ammani proves life is a binary problem by falling spectacularly from grace.

itha en kitta ketta naa freeyave solli iruppen

aj said...

your quick tale about the ex who becomes a password has been stuck in my mind forever...you are an amazing writer!:)