Thursday, June 15, 2006

A quick tale 141

Rumination on a pair of shoes

This morning, while on your jog, you notice a pair of shoes sitting on the side walk. You look around to see if there is a pair of feet that is meant for them. You see nothing. What an unusual place for them to lying in, you murmur before bending down for a closer inspection. The sole is slightly worn and the mouth somewhat askew. From where you are crouching, the trainers looks like two old men sleeping with their mouths wide open. Who could have cast off a perfectly good pair of shoes?, you wonder. Did she, in the middle of a fierce row with him, grab his shoes while aiming for a more crucial piece of clothing? And having grabbed them and yanked them off his feet, did she fling them out of the car? If so, how did they land next to each other? As if someone had placed them tidily, side-by-side. Or did someone out on a morning jog, full of philosophical rumination, see in a moment of blinding clarity, the futility of footwear and discard them by the sidewalk? Did he then go on cast off his other irrelevant possessions? His mobile phones, ipods and fabric softeners? What could have come over a person that he abandoned his shoes, arranged them neatly by the side of the road and carried on with the rest of the journey? You look up at the road ahead, you've still got a mile or so to run. You turn your back on the shoes and decide to walk instead.


Dadoji said...

Ooo! I will tell you about the feet. They were Keira Knightley's shoes. I saw her bare-feet photo in the newspaper. God promise maa!

>two old men sleeping with their mouths wide open



Ahiri said...

and then .....

Woof Woof !!!

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

dadoji - i saw that picture too! though i think ms. knightley prefers jimmy choo :)

abhi - loved how u threw fabric softener in there :)

Priyamvada_K said...

But why did the jogger decide to walk instead?

On a totally unrelated note: love the new picture. Is very well taken, and the warmth between you and your son is obvious. Great picture!


D LordLabak said...

Perhaps when he was running, he thaandufied a dead bird on tha trail and developed yaanai kaal suddenly. So the shoes suddenly became small.
(Where are the goofy commenters?!?! Thangacchi somberi!);-)

Ahiri said...

Kaka thoonkindu Poach !!! and then got tired of it and put it down

n said...

Maybe someone took them off and went to walk barefeet on the dew-covered morning grass. Its like therapy, you know...walking braefoot on dew-covered morning grass.