Monday, June 26, 2006

A quick tale 145


I'm about set in motion a series of events which I will come to regret almost immediately. My bottom is racing towards your sofa and I will be unable to stop it in time. Soon I will sink into the inviting warmth of your cushions. I will just have surrendered myself to the enveloping cosiness of your pillows. When I'll hear a soft but perceptible crack. There will be exclamatory signs across the room. And all eyes will turn towards me. I think I just sat on your glasses. Sorry.


S said...

ram kannadi gaaliya? aiyo paavam..:-)

Anonymous said...


Houseowner said...



Nee said...

Thanks for the chuckle. Much needed.

The Kid said...

As though a "sorry" is enough. As a kid I remember, I used to get scolded when I broke my glasses and also when someone sat over it or something. It was always my fault!

BTW, it is not funny. But very good.

Anonymous said...

You should add Wicked to that list on the title. :))