Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Dear Mr Director

...even the confirmed non-believer, the harshest cynic will have to agree that no one makes a child suffer so much unless there is a larger plan for him..

Anouradha Bakshi in a touching letter to a school director.


hari said...

A truly touching letter even without knowing the background of it.

Anonymous said...

Curiously...there seem to be no comments to this.
Maybe the readers are missing the purport.

This may not be a quick tale. But the powerful words addressed to a school - deliver the punch of a long novel. Am sure the readers can glean enough just from these words.

Are the readers so shallow...that they can appreciate only stories? And worse, only fiction?

Anonymous said...

Tangent, Anouradha Bakshi's blog is open to invited readers only. Nobody was able to read the letter, hence no comments.

Ammani, could you copy-paste the letter in your blog with Anou's permission? Thanks.

anonymous fan of Ammani's blog