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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Ready, Steady, Charity - 18

Chinna Ammani's words - Osama, Kandivali, Navarathri Golu

Annon's take

It was difficult picking up vigrahams for Navarathri Golu, everyone had the same Gods, and Vedavalli wanted something different. She had gone around the shops, but she was a face freak, and she didn't find anything different and never found any vigrahams with kalai.

The nose was chaptai, or the eyes were skewed, or the ears fell off. Finally, near charkop market in Kandivali, she suddenly found someone with a whole bunch of Pandava and Kaurava dolls that were beautiful. Why not have a Mahabharata theme? She was very excited. The old lady selling them was offering them cheap as well, maybe she didn't want to carry everything all the way back home.

So, she got the lot and began arranging them. It was reasonably clear who was who, Duhshasana even had a Sari trailing behind him, and finally she came to a bearded figure she didn't know?

Who has a beard? Yudhishtra, Sahadeva? I already have them, they had the Pandava colors. For some strange reason, the Pandavas were all blue like the Indian cricket team and the Kauravas were, well, whatever. Maybe because Gandhari was from Gandhara. Who was this bearded guy?

She asked Vikraman. He said, dhadikkarana? Bhishma, Drona, no, they were there, then he said, It must be Aswaththama, the only other person with a beard. Bhoorisravas? No, he was fat and had one eye. It has to be Aswaththama.

So, she arranged all of them, but somehow she couldn't put Aswaththama. Everyone fought fairly in the Mahabharata, except Kritavarma, Aswatthama and Kripacharya. She thought, what is the difference between Aswaththama and Osama? Maybe in every generation, there was an Aswaththama, in this, he is called Osama.

The 9 days went off very well, even Vikraman didn't seem to notice that Aswaththama wasn't part of the Golu.


Ketaki S K said...

Very nice. You seem to have great knowledge of the Mahabharata. I envy you...

CM said...

super. thanks anon

-Chinna Ammani

Deepa said...

Chinna Ammani, Irony or what? Mahabaratha THEME....lol

The Visitor said...

Superb anon :)